When it comes to safely disposing of your data, only the most experienced IT asset disposition specialists will do. And at Sipi Asset Recovery, we’ve done it all. Check out the resources below to learn more about the details of asset recovery and how to get the most of it.

Are you getting the ITAD service your company deserves?

By Kathy Saldana on 03/07/2018

At Sipi Asset Recovery, we pride ourselves on our personalized customer experience, which has been a key to our success for decades in the IT asset disposition industry. Our team focuses on ...

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Choosing an ITAD Partner: 6 Key Factors for Future Success

By John McLeod on 02/12/2018

If you’re searching for the best ITAD partner for your business, remember the difference between a partner and a vendor. Partners share in the risks and rewards of the relationship with your...

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Category: The Asset Lifecycle

What U.S. companies need to know about the GDPR

By Sipi Asset Recovery on 10/25/2017

In a globally connected business environment, even the most routine decisions made by regulatory authorities halfway around the world can have drastic impacts right here at home. With the rollout...

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Category: Industry and Market News

Protecting the value of sensitive financial documents

By Sipi Asset Recovery on 10/18/2017

What's the dollar value of your business's data? Even if you don't have a figure, cybercriminals have already run the numbers. They're selling records stolen from organizations of all kinds for a...

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Category: Certification and Compliance

Data breaches in healthcare increasingly common

By Sipi Asset Recovery on 10/11/2017

If it seems like news headlines lately are clogged with stories related to data breaches in the healthcare industry, it's not because you are seeing double. Hospitals, insurance providers and...

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Category: Industry and Market News

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