What New Storage Technology Means For The Future Of Secure IT Destruction

Posted by John McLeod on December 13, 2018

At Sipi Asset Recovery, data is a central part of what we do. Specifically, how we help our clients protect their brand, ensure that data is securely destroyed at the right time, and keep costs low while returning as much value as we can.

But the storage landscape is changing, and it’s changing fast. This means that companies are encountering new challenges when it comes to how those drives can and should be handled, from data security to end-of-lifecycle destruction.

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Topics: Secure Data Destruction, What's New in ITAD, The Asset Lifecycle

Will e-waste regulations catch up to reality?

Posted by Sipi Asset Recovery on September 20, 2017

It's already known that the large amount of waste generated from electronic devices poses security and ecological concerns around the world. However, government legislation in this area has been slow to adapt to the most pressing threats related to e-waste. That leaves IT asset disposition companies - and the clients they serve - in a position to lead the way toward the adoption of more secure and environmentally friendly methods of device disposal.

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Topics: What's New in ITAD